Every week, the Great Barrington Produce Department’s Rachel Oberg cooks up a quick and easy recipe to celebrate the freshest and most gorgeous produce that has passed through her hands. You can find her there on the floor with the recipe on Tuesday afternoons, or check in our weekly video where we gather ingredients with Rachel.

This week’s salad is not quite a recipe (it’s that simple!) but it’s definitely worth making at home. Rachel combined 3 varieties of local cucumbers, sweet local carrots, scallions, and shiso. Shiso is a underused but wonderful herb in the mint family, somewhere between mint and basil with a hint of anise. It’s a vibrant green and purple, and often available in our produce department. Rachel topped it all with Krazy for Kazus Wheat Free Asian Dressing and Gomasio. This makes a great easy summer salad delicious with halibut, pork tenderloin, or grilled flank steak. Thanks, Rachel!