We’re working hard at Guido’s to reduce our plastic use. Here are a few changes we’ve implemented in our stores.

We always love to hear from you. Please let us know if you have ideas about how we can work together to reduce our plastic use!

At the checkout:

  • Discontinued the use of plastic bags at the checkout in both stores
  • Use recycled boxes to pack groceries whenever possible
  • Replaced register tape with BPA-free, recyclable register tape

In our Pittsfield store café/deli:

  • Replaced plastic utensils for frozen yogurt with ecotensils
  • Offer a discount and monthly raffle to customers who bring reusable containers for beverages (excluding kombucha, which already reflects a discount)
  • Offer complimentary water and cups in the café
  • Transitioned from plastic containers in the Pittsfield deli to paper whenever possible

In our produce department:

  • Decreased the number of items packaged in plastic clamshells by installing new bulk containers in the section
  • Replaced many of the plastic produce bag holders with reusable options

To combat the plastic water bottle issue:

  • Installed complimentary filtered water bottle fillers in both stores
  • Discontinued the sale of plastic water bottles smaller than 1.5 liters in both stores (as per Great Barrington’s town bylaw effective Nov. 1, 2019)
  • Offered quality reusable water bottles at cost to all Guido’s staff to encourage a culture change from disposable plastic water bottles to a reusable bottle filled at our store water bottle filler

In our bulk department/ store-packaged items:

  • Replaced our plastic nut butter, marinara, and pesto packaging with reusable glass jars
  • Started the transition of our packaged bulk from plastic resealable bags to a paper/ plant-based plastic version
  • Replaced plastic bags in the bulk section with a windowed paper version that uses less plastic
  • Increased education about how customers can bring their own containers to fill in the bulk section

In our in-store demo program:

  • Adjusted our menus to include more options that don’t require disposable bowls or utensils
  • Replaced plastic flatware with ecotensils

In Mazzeo’s Meat and Seafood:

  • Reduced the use of plastic bags, using only butcher paper whenever possible
  • Encouraged customers to bring their own reusable containers for meat and seafood purchases

General all-store initiatives:

  • Stock a growing and innovative selection of reusable products throughout the store
  • Recycle in the stores
  • Recycle all tech equipment appropriately
  • Consider packaging decisions when bringing new items into the store
  • Commit to continually looking at new ways to reduce plastic across all store departments