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Pittsfield Cafe Gallery: Ben Nugent @ Guido's Pittsfield Store
Jun 1 – Jul 31 all-day




I am currently studying painting as an undergraduate at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I work in a variety of mediums including ceramics and printmaking, however, painting is currently where I derive most of my artistic inspiration. My work ranges from observational studies of real people and objects to completely imagined scenes with only faint suggestions of space and figuration. I’m not interested in expressing any explicit concepts or points of view in my work. Often times a piece will begin with a vague idea for an arrangement of colors, shapes, and figures, or for a specific mood or atmosphere. It is my goal at this point to express and elaborate the original idea into a fully realized painting. It is important to me that the manner in which it is painted, the specific colors and textures, and formal aspects, are harmonious with the impression of the piece as a whole.

Ben Nugent
413 281 3297