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Showing in Our Pittsfield Cafe Gallery @ Guido's Pittsfield Store
Apr 3 – May 31 all-day

Cut Paper Collage by
April 3 – May 31, 2018


I have been working with paper for more than twenty years.  I enjoy working with my hands and love the way that creating  things completely transforms objects into something new.
Paper has always fascinated me – as a child using it as a medium for drawing with crayons, throughout my education as a finished product for printmaking and bookbinding, and now as the basis for my cut paper collage work.

Papelitos (little papers) started three years ago as a project to make an alphabet collection of collage animals for children. As the number of finished pieces grew, the A to Z concept quickly morphed into a study of birds, animals, landscapes, and plants.

I work from a photograph and start by cutting a silhouette of the image. From there I cut small pieces of paper and glue them one piece at a time, layering the papers to create texture, depth, and movement. It is all done with a pair of scissors, some paper, and a glue stick.