David Barber Art Exhibition in the Pittsfield Cafe

/David Barber Art Exhibition in the Pittsfield Cafe
November 2, 2017 – January 31, 2018 all-day
Guido's Pittsfield Store
1020 South St
Pittsfield, MA 01201

Artist / Illustrator / Sculptor / Fisherman


Dave has a wild imagination and is inspired by both the natural and designed world. He began drawing and doodling at a young age. Pencil and paper, pen and ink are his greatest strengths. Drawing provided the base for his art and craft that evolved to airbrush illustration, sculpture, and watercolor painting.

Exploring the outdoors offered opportunities that fueled his passion for creating a unique, whimsical perspective of life on earth. Pursuing saltwater fly fishing, rowing in the ocean, hiking and hunting in the Berkshires continue to inspire him. He has worked for years on a MAC and been Involved in design and illustration for corporate giants like Gillette, Hasbro, HP Hood, publishers Houghton Mifflin, Addison Wesley that have continued to support the good life in Massachusetts for Dave and his family. Dave has also received awards for his artwork
at the Marblehead Festival of Arts and one from the Society of Illustrators.

A Marblehead resident with strong ties to the Berkshires, his wife Marianne, introduced him to the vast Guido’s family 30 years ago which he is forever grateful!

contact: dbarber2084@gmail.com
on instagram: @dbarberfishing