A vibrant patchwork of color and texture.


Project Description


Guido’s exceptional vegetables inspire the inner chef in all of us.  Multicolored potatoes, sturdy or diminutive, peppers holding the heat of the sun or the sweetness of the soil, luxurious greens, steadfast roots, lively, fresh herbs and so much more embrace the role of kitchen muse. Choose from an extensive selection of organic vegetables, if you prefer, or locally grown, in season.  With such plenty, we’re an indoor farm, ready for harvest.

Our pre-cut produce and washed salads ease the dinner hour rush and promote convenient, healthy alternatives to fast food.  Our peeled, seasonal vegetables (such as squash and turnip in the colder months and corn-on-the-cob in summer), ready-to-go stir fry mixes and packaged salads of mixed greens, arugula, mesclun and organic baby spinach and lettuces save time in the kitchen without sacrifice of flavor and good nutrition.  When time is of the essence, we’re all you need for your next quick, delicious and healthful recipe.

Hokto Kinoko Mushrooms

Hokto Kinoko grows specialty Japanese mushrooms in a spotless facility in San Marcos, California. Their mushrooms are clean and ready to cook; portions are easily separated by hand. Trim off the base of the beech mushroom [...]

Fresh Turmeric Root

Amazing turmeric root Native to Indonesia and southern India, turmeric has been used as a healing food for more than 5,000 years. This knobby root, which bears a resemblance to ginger, has earned [...]

Romanesco Cauliflower

Intriguing Romanesco cauliflower. Romanesco is an Italian cauliflower with a striking shape!  Not a hybrid, but a species unto itself, Romanesco’s logarithmic spirals are called fractals.  This ancient vegetable tastes like a sweet [...]

Purple Daikon

Purple daikon...curious yet very attractive! A member of the mustard family, purple daikon is Japanese for “great root.”  Like white daikon and other radish varieties, this root vegetable favors cool weather and is [...]

Watermelon Radishes

Organic watermelon radishes show off their gorgeous colors! Watermelon radishes are beautiful to behold!  Well, on the inside that is!  The exterior of these special radishes is rather plain - white to pale green - [...]

Locally Grown Corn

Sweet Corn is here! We're delighted to offer NON-GMO sweet corn from Eckhardt's Kinderhook Creek Farm in nearby Stephentown, NY! The Eckhardt's corn is hand picked and delivered daily - freshness guaranteed! The Eckhardts have been [...]

A Radish Story

FRESH IN A FLASH A local farmer carrying a large cardboard box pushes his frayed straw hat to the back of his head as he scopes out the produce floor in search of a familiar [...]

Yams vs. Sweet Potatoes

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? In the U. S., sweet potatoes and yams are interchangeably used terms, but in reality these two tubers are not even distantly related! The word “yam” comes from the African words njam, nyami [...]


THE FRUIT THAT ACTS LIKE A VEGETABLE Botanically speaking, tomatoes are the fruit of a vine native to South America.  While technically a fruit, tomatoes are used as a vegetable - and are ubiquitous in [...]

The Word on Winter Squash

POWERFUL SQUASH INFO! WINTER SQUASH BASICS Winter squash share some common characteristics:  they have fairly hard, durable skins which allow them to have long shelf lives.  Store winter squash in cool, dark places such as [...]

Basil in a Nutshell

CAN'T DO WITHOUT IT! Basil is an aromatic herb that's native to warm climates.  A member of the mint family, some say basil's sweet aroma resembles a cross between licorice and cloves. This tender plant [...]

Shiitake Mushrooms

ANCIENT MEDICINE, MODERN FLAVOR For 2,000 years, shiitakes have been prized in Asian countries for their flavor and medicinal qualities. Grown on dead hardwood logs in moist, warm surroundings, shiitake means "mushroom of the shii" [...]


FABLED FOOD! Musrhooms have long been a prized food.  Egyptians considered them an immortality-granting delicacy for the Pharohs. Romans called musthrooms "food of the gods!" Fast forward to modern times...we love mushrooms now because of [...]

Jerusalem Artichokes

PREPARATION AND EASY RECIPES STORAGE: Keep the tubers wrapped in plastic and refrigerate. They will keep up to two weeks, but it's always a good idea to eat them as fresh as possible for the [...]


CRUNCHY! A staple in Latin America, jicama is related to potatoes.  This tuber resembles turnips and can be used in the same way as water chestnuts. Raw jicama resists discoloring when cut. Cooked, jicama takes [...]

Greens: A Nutritional Profile

IMPRESSIVE FOOD VALUE, EASY PREPARATION! Leafy dark greens boast an impressive nutritional profile.  Rich in Vitamin A (from beta-carotene) and vitamin C, they are also good sources of calcium, iron, folate and magnesium.  Greens also [...]