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The juiciest, the sweetest, the freshest, the finest!

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The juiciest, the sweetest, the freshest, the finest: Guido’s seasonal flavors march in a mouthwatering parade of superlatives.

New England is blessed with four distinct seasons, each with its own allure. At Guido’s, we celebrate the best of our region’s edible charms through our seasonal fruits and vegetables. We capture the gustatory appeal of winter, spring, summer and fall by working closely with our providers at regional markets and, during the growing season, with local farmers so that our stores are positively glowing with the bounty of the season. No matter when you walk through our doors, you’ll discover the best there is to eat right now, from summer’s juicy berries to winter’s hearty root vegetables. Four seasons of fresh, guaranteed.

Local Produce Update

Corn on the cob fresh from Eckhardt's Kinderhook Creek Farm in Stephentown, NY This is the life!  Warm days, sunny skies, the occasional dramatic thunderstorm and fresh fruits & vegetables at their very [...]

Beet, Citrus & Winter Squash Salad

Recipe inspired by Martha Rose Shulman, NYT Food, adapted by Guido's Own Dietitian, Rachel Alves This stunning beet and citrus salad is a feast for both the eyes and the body, perfect for a holiday [...]

Locally Grown Corn

Sweet Corn is here! We're delighted to offer NON-GMO sweet corn from Eckhardt's Kinderhook Creek Farm in nearby Stephentown, NY! The Eckhardt's corn is hand picked and delivered daily - freshness guaranteed! The Eckhardts have been [...]

Guido’s says Take It Outside

They’re the indelible mark of summer, the thumbprint of the season and no two are ever alike: picnics! What better way to take in the beauty of the Berkshires than sharing delicious food in the [...]