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Project Description


Guido’s Natural Foods department is a haven for healthier choices and special diet options. Whether you are vegan or vegetarian, gluten-free, or paleo, we can accommodate your dietary needs. Our shelves are lined with specialty products, trusted national brands, and exceptional locally-produced items that will make you feel good!

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Hosta Hill

At Guido's, we strive to provide our customers with locally grown and produced products; Hosta Hill couldn't be a better fit for our shelves! All of the small batch food production takes place in West [...]


SINGLE CELL MAGIC For a single cell organism, spirulina boasts a long and impressive list of healthful qualities.  This tiny aquatic plant packs a nutritional profile in inverse proportion to its diminutive size and humble [...]

Raw Foods

NOT YOUR AVERAGE NUTS & BERRIES There’s much to be said for keeping our diets simple and back to the basics – way back, that is, before our ancestors discovered the ability of fire to [...]

Gluten Free Reference

A QUICK REFERENCE Gluten Free Information Gluten-Free Grains: Rice Corn Buckwheat Millet Amaranth Quinoa Oats (Some people may be sensitive to oats because they often travel with gluten grains, or they may have experienced cross-contamination [...]

Gluten Free Overview

WHEAT ALLERGY, INTOLERANCE, CELIAC DISEASE Wheat and related grains are main ingredients in many of our most popular and common foods:  breads, cereals, pizza, and baked goods.  From salad dressings to scones, glutens in grains [...]

Gluten-Free Hints & Tips

Your feedback from Gluten-Free Weekend 2009! GLUTEN-FREE HINTS AND TIPS With thanks to our many friends who shared gluten-free weekend with us! Guido’s Gluten-Free Weekend gave those living the gluten-free life a chance to network, [...]

Pomegranate Juice

GOOD FOR YOU! Our ancestors were onto something big when they began to cultivate pomegranates around 3000 BC!  Long considered a symbol of health, fertility and rebirth, modern scientific research has proven the truth behind [...]


FOOD OF THE GODS The tropical mangosteen is so revered and uniquely delicious it has earned the moniker “Queen of Fruits” in Asia and “Food of the Gods” in the French Caribbean.  This humble purple [...]


A GIFT FROM EAST TO WEST Miso is a fundamental building block of Japanese cuisine that knows no direct comparison with Western cooking.  Primarily a condiment, miso is a highly nutritious paste made of fermented [...]


BRAZILIAN SUPER-BERRY Pomegranate juice is well-known for its appealing tart flavor and disease-fighting abilities.  Pair pomegranate with acai berry juice and reap the rewards of double-antioxidants!  Prized for centuries by natives of the Brazilian rainforest [...]

Honey – How Sweet It Is!

If you're in a quandary over honey in all its various forms and flavors, we can help with friendly facts and advice!  Click here to read our honey-at-a-glance information.