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Replenish and revitalize with coffees and teas from around the globe.

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Replenish, revitalize and renew with aromatic coffees and teas from around the globe.

You can hold the world in a cup simply by selecting coffee or tea from Guido’s extensive stock. Find teas loose or bagged, black, white, green or herbal, organic, decaffeinated, ready-made in bottles, combined with juices…so many intriguing choices! From China, Japan, South American, India or South Africa, this trans-global beverage is well represented by diverse brands, both domestic and imported. Transcending its role as a refreshing drink, hot or chilled, teas also boast restorative properties. Combining traditional herbal wisdom with modern scientific know-how, several lines of our teas support the body’s systems and functions or alleviate the symptoms of maladies. Relax with tea, over ice or steaming hot, or take advantage of its specific healing effects.

Coffee at Guido’s is also a global epicurean adventure. From Ethiopia, Columbia, Indonesia, Mexico, Guatemala, Jamaica and Africa come varieties ranging from smooth and mellow to bracing and robust, organically or conventionally grown. Choose from straightforward beans, custom blends or flavored brews for a touch of alluring sweetness. Love the flavor of coffee but not the effects? Swiss water process decaffeinated coffee is the perfect option for caffeine-free, authentic taste.

A substantial number of Guido’s teas and coffees are fair trade products, meaning that importers of these goods must provide farmers in developing countries decent living wages and working conditions. Guido’s fully supports the goals of fair trade agreements: to build trust and respect for small farmers, their families and communities and to break the cycle of poverty through providing social justice, technical assistance and credit on equitable terms. Nurturing small coffee growers also contributes to the healthy stewardship of the land, while encouraging community development and education. Guido’s applauds the fair trade philosophy and will continue to seek out products grown and processed under this agreement.

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