Project Description

Looking for a perfect local cheese for a party? A trusted favorite you always like to have on hand? Or a hard-to-find import you’ve searched for since that trip to Italy? We’ve got it. In Pittsfield, stop in at La Grotta, Guido’s own specialty cheese shop. Talk to our cheesemongers and they’ll find just what you’re looking for. In our Great Barrington store, The Marketplace Specialty Foods brings their passion for excellence to the outstanding selection of cheeses curated just for you!

La Grotta Cheese Plates

Make it a party with Guido’s La Grotta Cheese Plates EXCLUSIVELY IN PITTSFIELD The perfect compliment to any gathering, these beauties feature the best cheeses from near and far paired with an assortment of fruits, [...]

Old Chatham Sheepherding Company

LOCALLY MADE ARTISANAL SHEEP'S MILK, CHEESE & YOGURT The gentle hills of New York State’s Upper Hudson Valley cradle Old Chatham Sheepherding Company, home to 1,000 East Friesian purebred and crossbred sheep.  Since1994, farm owners [...]