Local Produce Update

Crisp & sweet/tart Macoun apples from Windy Hill in Great Barrington, MA

Rich Fall Flavors Are on the Scene!

Summer has faded to memory and fall is fully with us now.  It’s time to embrace the change and revel in the signature tastes and fragrances of autumn.   Thanks to our local growers, we roast, simmer, saute and steam the favorites we look forward to at this time of year.  Bountiful winter squash, turnips, apples, beets and cool-weather greens star in our kitchens and warm us as the sun sets ever earlier.  Bring home fall’s best, support your local farmer and delight in this savory season! 


Pittsfield: 413-442-9912 Great Barrington: 413-528-9255


Conventional Apples:  Macoun, Mutsu; Various Heirloom Apples

Organic Bunched Arugula

Organic Packaged Baby Arugula

Organic Beets, Loose & with Tops

Organic Bok Choy & Baby Bok Choy

Organic Broccolini

Organic Green & Napa Cabbage

Organic Carrots with Tops

Organic Celery

Organic Rainbow Swiss Chard

Conventional Apple Cider

Organic Collards

Organic Purple Daikon

Organic Dandelion Greens

Organic Dill

Organic Fennel

Organic Garlic

Organic Micro-Greens

Organic Kale – Green, Italian, Curly Red, Red Russian

Organic Green & Purple Kohlrabi

Organic Leeks

Organic Green Leaf, Red Leaf & Leaf Lettuce Mix

Organic Mesclun

Organic Oyster Mushrooms

Organic Shiitake Mushrooms

Organic Mustard Greens

Organic Red & Yellow Onions

Organic Curly & Italian Parsley

Conventional Pie Pumpkins

Organic Pie Pumpkins

Organic Radicchio, Red & Variegated

Organic French Breakfast, Purple, Red & Watermelon Radishes

Organic Rutabagas

Organic Scallions

Organic Spinach 

Gill’s Greenery Sprouts & Pet Grass

Organic Butternut, Honey Butternut, Delicata & Sunshine Kabocha Squash

Organic Tatsoi

Organic Treviso

Organic Hakurei & Purple Top Turnips


Czajkowski Farm, Hadley, MA

Deep Meadow Farm, Ascutney, VT

Denison Farm, Schaghticoke, NY

Eckhardt’s Kinderhook Creek Farm, Stephentown, NY

Equinox Farm, Sheffield, MA

Farm Girl Farm, South Egremont, MA

Five College Farms, Amherst, MA

Four Corners Farm, Worthington, MA

The Gill Greenery, Gill, MA

Hand Melon Farm, Greenwich, NY

Harlow Farm, Westminster, VT

Hepworth Farm, Milton, NY

Hilltop Acres, Cobleskill, NY

Hilltop Orchards, Richmond, MA

Indian Line Farm, Egremont, MA

Kitchen Garden Farm, Sunderland, MA

Left Field Farm, Middlefield, MA

Little Apple Farm, Hillsdale, NY

Little Leaf Farms, Devens, MA

Markristo Farm, Hillsdale, NY

McEnroe Organic Farm, Millerton, NY

The Farm at Miller’s Crossing, Hudson, NY

MX Morningstar Farm, Copake, NY

Nourse Farm, Westborough, MA (Integrated Pest Management)

Old Friends Farm, Amherst, MA

Overmeade Gardens, Lenox, MA

Plainville Farm, Hadley, MA

Queen’s Greens, Amherst, MA

Red Shirt Farm, Lanesboro, MA

Rock City Mushrooms, Old Chatham, NY

Row by Row, Hurly, NY

SAF Produce Company, Berlin, NY

Scott Farm, Dummerston, VT

Warner Farm, Sunderland, MA

Windy Hill Orchard, Great Barrington, MA

Winter Moon Roots, Amherst, MA

Woven Roots Farm, Tyringham, MA

Organic Delicata Squash from MX Morningstar Farm, Copake, NY