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The Marketplace Specialty Foods


Welcome to our Marketplace family. Put your lists down, grab a cuppa’ joe, and celebrate food with us. With the freshest local and delicious ingredients our chefs can get their hands on, we prepare foods that simply make you smile. From our sweetest tartlettes to our most savory dinner entrees, everything in our specialty food store is hand made or hand picked with you in mind. Here is a taste of our food you can enjoy:
•    Prepared Foods
•    Artisanal Breads
•    Hand-cut cheeses
•    Deli Meats and Sandwiches
•    Dips and Spreads
•    Soups and Stocks
•    Pastries, Cakes and Other Baked Goods
•    Coffee and Tea
•    Olives

And don’t forget, we offer catering for events big and small!  Ask us for our menus.


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